Isturaín + Sam (previously known as JiA. Jose Isturaín Arquitectura) is an architecture and design studio based in Panama, founded by two panamanian architects: Jòse Isturaín and Nadine Sam. Both, with different backgrounds and generations, share a vision and a common creative scenario, one in the tropic.


Coincidentally this union occurs in the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, possibly one of the most difficult years and one that poses enormous challenges in all professions, especially on architects, who once again must accept the challenge of reinterpret and reinvent the current paradigm of design and architecture to the needs of our society.


They are defined as a fresh and simple studio, which express an approach, sensitivity and understanding of the environment, as a fundamental base to carry out any type of project.

     "rethinking our environment, through a tropical architecture"


Winning Solution of the citizen's choice | Hastahana Public Space for Everyone - Call for Ideas, City of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (2nd Finalist of the jury's selection), 2022 (link)

Team: Jòse Isturaín, Nadine Sam

Honorable Mention | International Competition of Atlantic Beach Boardwalk, 2022


Team: Jòse Isturaín, Nadine Sam

1st prize | WIENCALL International Competition for a new School of Art, Vienna-Austria, 2020  (link)

Team: Jòse Isturaín, Nadine Sam

Finalist | Paper Architecture Competition, organize by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos & TC Cuardernos, Valencia-España, 2020

Team: Nadine Sam

1st prize | National Competition MY NEW CITY, organize by Biomuseum, 2019.

Team: Jòse Isturaín, Gary Amberths, Nerys Gaitán